Granny picked up a vicious pit bull from the street: six months later, neighbors heard the screaming

Interesting things are always happening in the small village, and this time was not without adventure either. Valentina, a kind-hearted and elderly woman who lives on the outskirts of town, has always been ready to help any animal in need. And then, one day, she had the opportunity to do a good deed.

On a fall day, Valentina was on her way to the store, and on her way she came across a fierce fighting dog that alarmed the locals. The dog was of enormous size, but in spite of this, Valentina was not frightened. Her heart empathized with the animal, and she decided to help it out of its difficulties. She walked over to the dog, peering at him. She wondered where the dog had come from and who its owner was.

Apparently, the dog was well cared for and was not homeless. Valentina invited her in and, to her surprise, the dog obediently followed her. On the way, Valentina met a neighbor who warned her about the dog’s breed — a pit bull — and advised her not to take it into her home. But Valentina decided to take the dog home anyway. She fed her and made a cozy place by the door with a soft blanket.

Residents were quick to condemn Valentina for taking in such a dangerous dog. They advised her to surrender the dog to the appropriate organizations and warned her of possible problems. But Valentina paid them no mind. She even gave the dog the name Bass and spent the entire winter and spring with him.

The story didn’t end there. When Valentina’s grandchildren came to visit for the summer, they immediately fell in love with Bass. They played with him all day and rode on his back. One day the boys were playing by the river, which was near Valentina’s house, when the youngest of them, who couldn’t yet swim, carelessly fell into the water! He began to panic and fight the strong current, screaming for help.

The brother could do nothing but run hopelessly along the shore. But Bass was nearby, running around the yard. Hearing the screams, the dog immediately sprang into action. With his strength and power, he overcame the current and swam to the boy, who was desperately waving his arms and screaming. The dog, from whom everyone had turned their backs, this time saved Valentina’s grandson’s life.

When a neighbor ran to the scene of the incident, he was already expecting to see tragedy. But a pleasant surprise awaited him when he saw how the dog had saved the boy. From that day on, the dog became a hero to everyone.

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