Greenpeace confused an albino grizzly with a polar bear and sent it to the North Pole

A grizzly bear named Joy was spotted by a group of conservationists when he was fishing by the river. Joy was an albino. People mistook him for a polar bear and transported him to the North Pole. Waking up in the ice, the bear, went out to the polar explorers.

Joy lived in a Canadian nature reserve. He was well known by local zoologists — the only albino in the area for many kilometers. Therefore, his disappearance was noticed quickly. They started looking for the bear.

At that moment, Joy had already opened his eyes at the North Pole. It’s hard to imagine what a bear might have thought. After all, a minute ago he was fishing at a forest stream, and now there is snow around!

Joy started wandering around. At some point, he went to the base of polar explorers. Local experts quickly determined that it was not a polar bear. They checked his database and really saw the information about the missing albino.

The traveling bear was carefully captured and flown back to Canada by helicopter. Waking up after the flight, Joy immediately ran deeper into the forest, dug a den and lay down in hibernation.

The culprits of the incident were discovered only a month later. It turned out that the provincial branch of Greenpeace was in charge of transportation. They could not distinguish an albino from a polar bear, which caused confusion.

Scouts of the National Park have installed a number of warning signs near the habitat of Joy. Each one has only one phrase written on it: “This is an albino! He lives here!”.

The flights did not have a significant impact on Joy’s health. However, now he tries to stay away from people.

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