Guys rescued a puppy who was stuck in a tunnel and crying for help

In September, young people rescued a puppy. The whole thing was filmed on camera, and the video quickly went viral and instantly went viral on the Internet. This story became very popular and many people discuss the courageous act of the guys who, despite the difficulties, saved the animal’s life.

We, too, are very proud of the guys, because they climbed into a narrow tunnel to save a crying baby.

The guys heard an animal whimpering from under the ground and decided they had to help it get out. No one knows how long it had been there or how it got there, but it was clear that it would not get out by itself. The guys went down into the tunnel and there were a lot of difficulties waiting for them, they even almost got lost!

They also had to do it very carefully and quietly, because they got into the tunnel illegally, and no one will pat on the head for that…

In addition, there was underground gas in the tunnels, which caused the guys to have to spend several days in bed afterwards.

But no matter what, all ended well! The animal was found and rescued. The brave guys took him to the shelter, where he was cared for, fed, washed and named Stepka. Volunteers are currently looking for a new home for him.

The most important thing is that Stepka is alive and well, and all thanks to the guys who cared, despite the difficulties, rushed to his aid! Thank you!

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