He chose me! About the homeless fluffy cat at the bus stop

Ever wonder how pets can control their owners to get what they want? Is the secret in the purr, the light touch, or the right look in the eyes as the cat from the Shrek cartoon?

My story is a search for the answer through personal experience. After a hard day’s work, I would come home with headphones in my ears to soft, soothing music. I wanted simple solitude to find some kind of harmony with myself.

While waiting for public transportation at the bus stop, I was surprised by the feeling of touching something soft. I looked, and there was a tiny, red-haired kitty nestled against my leg. Even his eyes were not yet clear, which meant that he was less than six months old.

He chose me…Among all the passersby, he felt my world, my soul. I was in the middle of a trolleybus, and my trolley bus arrived quickly enough. Naturally, it was not in my plans to pick up the stray furry. But on the lower step of the transport, I felt something pulling at my left pant leg. It was a new acquaintance of mine — a kitten. It was grasping at my leg like a life-saving straw. It was a special look. How could I leave him?

We began to live together. We share not only one living space, but also a bed, morning coffee and late supper.

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