He only had one hour to live

Benben was brought to the shelter after a fight with another street cat. The animal was in bad shape. It had been injured in the fight. In addition, veterinarians found him with several other medical conditions, and the worst was a fractured spine. The doctors were determined to put the cat to sleep.

The same day that Benben ended up at the shelter was the last working day for one of the local employees. The woman knew that the cat would get its last shot the next day. So she decided to give the animal one last chance and took him with her. In his new home, Benben received the care, nurture and affection he had never had before. The woman’s efforts brought results.

It took the cat only a few hours to get used to his new home, after which he began to sing songs tirelessly and tried constantly to climb into the arms of his owner. The very realization that he had a home and a person who loved him transformed the cat. The woman spent a great deal of time and energy fighting Benben’s illness. And their combined efforts brought results. No veterinarian could believe that the cat not only survived, but was able to lead a nearly full life.

According to his owner, Benben cannot run fast or jump high. But he is nimble enough and even manages to steal food from the table. Despite the peculiarities of the cat, the woman loves her pet and has never once regretted her decision to give it a chance.

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