He used to be a handsome boy. What «live Ken» Rodrigo Alves looked like before plastic surgery

A young man named Rodrigo Alves decided to become as similar as possible to his ideal beauty symbol, the Ken doll. There’s no denying that he achieved his goal by undergoing numerous plastic surgery operations.

However, it’s difficult to understand what caused such transformations in the young man. Looking at archive photos of Rodrigo, it’s clear that nature didn’t deprive him of his attractiveness. But in his desire to look like «Ken», he aroused more negativity and rejection than sympathy.

However, it’s clear that the problem goes much deeper than that, as Rodrigo recently decided to make yet another drastic transformation. He transformed himself into a «living Barbie», once again confounding his Internet subscribers.

What do you think of Rodrigo’s appearance before all these operations? Have your say in the comments.

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