Heartless owners threw the dog out on the street and he didn’t know what to do

In fact, animals don’t deserve to be mistreated by humans. They just want to be loved and cared for. But there are some people who do not think about the fate of these little creatures and leave them on the streets.

Today’s touching story proves that people can be very cruel indeed. All the action took place in Pennsylvania. When the family realized they were in financial trouble, they decided to throw the dog out on the street to feed themselves.However, the dog never left the house. Because he was hoping that the door would be opened to him.

When a neighbor noticed that the dog had been sleeping outside for days, she realized that his heartless owners had abandoned him. However, the neighbor was not confused and decided to call the animal shelter. She contacted the shelter and told them about the dog. The shelter staff immediately came to get the dog.

For a long time, the dog could not get used to the staff and would not enter their car. However, they then gained his trust and decided to feed him. The dog did not eat anything for several days. And if he ate, it was leftovers from the garbage can.

He was taken to the vet and then to the shelter. The staff decided to name him Kubid.

They say that the dog is very smart and kind. There are already a lot of applications to adopt him. Once he is ready for adoption, Kubid will go to a a good home where he will be cared for and loved.

We hope that people like people like Kubid’s former owners will not meet him. We wish this sweet dog only the best!

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