Heroic dog risks his life: he saves a kitten in a burning building

It’s hard to imagine humanity without dogs. They’re not just pets that wander around and beg for food.But they also take part in dangerous missions.

The story that happened on October 20, 2014 in Ukraine is another proof of the bravery of dogs.

A powerful explosion occurred at the enterprise of the military-industrial complex, as a result of which a fire broke out. This caused widespread fires, devastating and destroying everything in its path. A few kilometers away from this area, residents had no other way to put out the fires but to run.

When everyone was running in one direction, the dog rushed in the opposite direction. Meanwhile, the owner did not understand the intentions of his pet. He saw the flames growing in the place where the dog ran. But suddenly the dog appeared out of the fire. In his teeth he carried a small kitten.

The kitten was the dog’s best friend. So, when the flames engulfed the house, the dog’s first instinct was to save his friend.

This touching act affected the neighbors. Apparently, in this situation, few of us humans can think rationally.

Animals, although they are speechless, still prove the existence of true love and kindness in their own way. And the dog from this story deserves our gratitude for .


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