He’s happy: the rescued cat cannot believe that he is alive and free.

Builders have long known about the existence of this cat. Animals often come to live in construction towns. Sometimes they get treats from workers, sometimes they catch wild rodents and snakes. A great neighborhood for them!

One day the builders heard a plaintive cat squeak in the bushes.

In the thicket they saw a python entwining their beloved cat. The snake was in a determined mood, and the young cat was already exhausted and almost did not resist. People decided to save him at all costs.

Python opened his mouth and was about to attack uninvited passers-by, but numerous blows forced him to change his plans. The cat was left lying on withered leaves.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation performed by one of the workers brought him back to consciousness a little.

The animal took a little time to fully recover from the attack. As soon as the cat recovered, he ate the fish offered by the rescuers and immediately left. Apparently, he just didn’t have the strength to thank the builders.

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