How 11-year-old aspiring mariachi Eduardo wowed AGT with his amazing vocals

America’s Got Talent has released another early audition from this week’s new Season 18 episode, this time featuring 11-year-old Eduardo Antonio Trevino. Eduardo is a mariachi soloist whose incredible voice wowed the judges.

Between his snappy outfit, beaming smile and magnetic personality, Eduardo Antonio Trevino made a big impression at his America’s Got Talent audition.

And that was before this 11-year-old mariachi soloist hit a single note — and when he did, oh boy. The audience and the judges were thrilled.

Eduardo told the judges that he was from Houston and had just turned 11. When Sofia Vergara asked if he had an idol in mariachi music, Eduardo named Vicente Fernández. He also shared that his great-grandfather «recorded music in 1926, but soon had to give up the dream.

For his audition, Eduardo was accompanied by a five-piece band that played music while he sang. The young singer showed off a powerful voice and great stage presence. As host Terry Crews said from backstage at one point, «The kid’s a star!»

The judges couldn’t stop smiling as Eduardo performed. When he finished singing, Heidi Klum gave him a standing ovation. She told him,

«I love your voice. I love how long you can hold those notes. It’s amazing. And every note you hit, it’s just perfect. I loved it.»

What can you say about Eduardo Antonio Trevino’s performance? Share your comments below.

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