How a dog who can’t walk and a pigeon who can’t fly became friends

Lundy is a two-month-old chihuahua. His spine is damaged and this makes the puppy practically unable to walk. The Mia Foundation in New York has taken in a cute little dog.

Herman the pigeon has been living there for a long time.

The wounded pigeon was brought here for treatment. Sue Rogers, the founder and owner of the foundation, says that their main goal is to help animals with birth defects. But very often they bring wounded birds and squirrels. That’s how Herman appeared in the shelter.

Двухмесячный щенок чихуахуа - Ланди.

Quite unexpectedly for everyone, friendly feelings instantly arose between the dog and the bird. Sue put Herman on Lundy’s crib while she took care of the puppy. To her surprise, they immediately began to communicate very nicely. It was as if they were talking. They seem to have found comfort in each other’s company and it’s just amazing!

Трогательная дружба возникла между животными моментально.

Such deep bonds could arise perhaps because they both lack something fundamental in life. After all, one can’t fly, and the other can’t walk. Although, such a tender friendship of a puppy and a bird is so unlikely that it is even difficult to imagine such a thing at all.

Герман и Ланди теперь лучшие друзья.

While Lundy is gaining strength before classes, which should help him become mobile, Herman does not leave him a step. Sue even said that she began to doubt that he was a pigeon, because he has such a pronounced maternal instinct!

Герман стал малышу настоящей мамочкой.

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