How a stray dog thanked for being let into the house

This story happened in Ireland. Pat and Melanie Brennan were returning home with shopping when they met a small puppy on the way. He followed the couple for a long time, not daring to get too close. It was winter. It’s very cold in Ireland, and the Brennans decided to take the puppy so that he wouldn’t freeze. First, to make sure that the dog was not lost, and the owners were not looking for him, the couple gave the baby to a shelter. When no one came for him 10 days later, they took him for themselves. The pet was given the name Jack.

Pat was interested in astronomy. Therefore, quite often he walked, looking at the sky, and not at his feet. During one of his walks, he stared so intently at the huge Moon that he stumbled and fell into a ditch. The ditch was very deep, and Pat could not get out of it on his own. Moreover, he had movement disorders due to a recent heart attack. All the man could do was call the rescue service.

It took Pat a moment to think about Jack, who had been with him on the walk. The man decided that the dog was scared and hid from fear somewhere nearby. But suddenly he heard a loud dog barking.

It turned out that Jack began to look for help for the owner. He stood on the side of the highway and barked after every passing car, but did not run after it. Police officers passing by noticed the young dog and stopped. They went where the dog called and led them. That’s how, thanks to Jack, the police officers found Pat and helped him out of the ditch. Soon an ambulance arrived.

When Pat was put into the ambulance, the dog followed and sat down next to the owner. He carefully watched the man and watched every movement of the medics. After a careful examination of the victim, it turned out that there was no need to hospitalize him. They just helped him get home. All this time Jack was near his owner. And on arrival home, as a sign of gratitude, he received a delicious treat.

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