How cute he is: the family took an unusual puppy. Funny photos

The regulars of social networks have a new favorite of the week — the dog Harvey, who was lucky enough to be born of the Sharpey breed. Or bad luck, since Harvey has become the center of attention. The owner, Teresa Argimbau, is crazy about the folds of her dog.

An interesting fact is that Sharpey’s ancestors were hunting and fighting dogs. Harvey is completely different.He’s very nice. In addition, he is very soft and warm to the touch, as his skin is unique even for a sharpey.

Wrinkles are the main uniqueness, but at the same time Harvey’s problem. For example, when a puppy drinks water, he dips his whole head into a bowl. Water penetrates into the folds and does not flow out if his mother does not lick him or his owner does not wipe him.

At the same time, wrinkled skin should be moistened with water or creams at least every other day. Harvey’s hygiene is the hardest part, but Teresa loves taking care of him.

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