How does the boy, who was born 10 years ago with gray hair like an old man, look today?

A decade ago, Patricia Williams gave birth to her son, Redd. As soon as he was born, the baby was endowed with strangely white hair and beautiful almond-shaped eyes. At first, both doctors and parents thought that the infant was simply blond, but as time went by, it turned out that Redd suffered from albinism.

Doctors began to wonder if the condition ran in the family. The couple gave it some serious thought, and eventually remembered that their 85-year-old grandmother had been born with platinum hair, being the only person on the Indian reservation to have this particularity. Nevertheless, she never admitted to having albinism, despite medical evidence to the contrary. However, genes cannot be hidden, and have been passed down from generation to generation.

In fact, their grandmother has unearthed an archive photo of her as the only blonde among her Indian relatives.

Six years later, a second boy was born into the family, also suffering from this genetic condition.

Apart from hair and eye color, the disease did not manifest itself in any other way, as the boys grew up bright and healthy.

As for the eldest, Redd, he is already receiving offers from advertising agencies to pose as a brand muse.

The parents of ten-year-old Redd and three-year-old Rockwell take the increased attention paid to their children with humor, and don’t hesitate to accede to passers-by’s requests to photograph them, of course, as long as the children themselves agree.

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