How to grow avocados at home from the pit, step by step

We often don’t think about it, but the seeds of the fruits we eat play a crucial role – they enable the birth of new plants and, of course, fruits. For instance, the next time you buy an avocado, think twice before throwing away the pit. By reading this article, you’ll learn all the steps to grow a beautiful avocado plant at home from the pit. To do this, you’ll need 3 toothpicks, a glass of water, and, of course, an avocado pit. [Source:]

The avocado pit is large and can be easily removed from the flesh.

First, remove the pit from the fruit without damaging it, and wash it in warm water to eliminate any flesh residues and potential microbes.

Thoroughly dry the pit, taking care not to remove the outer brown layer.

Note: The pit has a «top» and a «bottom,» recognizable by its position in the fruit.

The tip of the pit, from which the plant will sprout, is located towards the pointed end of the avocado. The flatter end of the pit is the one found at the base of the fruit itself.

Position the three toothpicks in the pit (as shown) and fill the glass with water, ensuring that the bottom part of the pit is submerged in water.

La pointe du noyau devrait être tournée vers le haut. Maintenant, attendez et prenez soin de votre future plante d’avocat. En particulier, vous devez changer l’eau du verre 1 à 2 fois par semaine pour donner suffisamment d’oxygène aux racines. La germination aura lieu après 3-6 semaines: pour accélérer le processus , gardez le noyau dans un endroit chaud de la maison.

Vous pouvez transférer le noyau dans la terre lorsque vous voyez une ou plusieurs racines blanches provenant du fond du noyau.

However, it’s not guaranteed that the plant will bear fruit; it might be necessary to graft it with another avocado tree. In any case, even without fruits, the avocado plant is very attractive in a home, featuring a tall stem and large green leaves. Moreover, the process of growing plants from pits can be a fascinating and educational experience, especially for children. Remember that gardening nurtures the patience of little ones as they learn to wait for the fruits.


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