In 1997, this woman gave birth to seven children. How do the world’s first seven-born babies live now?

Bobby and Kenny McCaughey already had one child, but they just needed one more to make them happy. For health reasons, Kenny could not get pregnant for a long time, and the couple decided to undergo IVF. Seven embryos were implanted to the woman, and that is what they did for everybody, because only one embryo usually survives. But the unexpected happened, all the embryos survived.

In 1997, all seven children were born. It was a real miracle. All the babies weighed about one and a half kilograms at birth, unfortunately two were diagnosed with cerebral palsy, but soon after several operations the babies were able to stand on their feet and walk.

This case stirred up all the media, newspapers began to write about this family and shoot programs. But the family began to have difficulties. There was a catastrophic shortage of money…

Fortunately, thanks to the publicity surrounding the story, people around us were sympathetic. McCaughey was helped by everyone who could — financially, some people sent clothes and toys. Even the president of America at the time was not left out.

Soon this large family was given a large house, and they were provided with free meals. Many universities were already waiting for the children to attend after they graduated from high school.

It’s been almost 25 years. You can see what the sevens look like at the moment.

This is Natalie, a girl who wants to study to be an elementary school teacher. She is the best graduate of the school.

Brandon, the guy wants to serve in the army.

Kelsey, she was born weighing only 907 grams. The girl sings very beautifully and dreams of becoming a singer. Kelsey enjoys singing in the school choir.

And this is Kenny, he’s a construction student at Des Moines Community College. He’s wanted to be a construction worker since he was a kid.

Alexis was born with cerebral palsy and wants to be a teacher. The girl walks with a special device, but despite this, she is the second captain of the cheerleading team in high school.

Nathan was also born with cerebral palsy and dreams of becoming a scientist. He is a computer science student at Hannibal-Lagrange University.

And this is Joel, he was born last, and he wants to study computer science in college and he’s already enrolled at Hannibal-Lagrange University.

Kenny admits that after the children are separated, she does not know what to do, she is very lonely. After all, she is used to the house always being noisy and fun and always having work to do.

But she is very proud of her children, because they have grown up to be good people and will soon have good professions. And Kenny is already looking forward to her grandchildren.

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