In Germany they breed amazingly beautiful cats with a chocolate, incredibly soft coat

Cats of incredible exotic beauty are bred in the German cattery «Crystal Flame». They differ from other cats by the fact that their fur is extraordinarily soft and voluminous in texture. And the coloring of the cat’s fur even strikes the imagination of even the most demanding connoisseurs of the feline family.

The charming animals have chubby faces that you just want to touch. It seems that nature itself bothered to let these animals get the caress of humans.

We visited the cattery and met both adult cats with incredible coloring and babies who are only a month old. Both are cute. There are very few adult animals in the cattery. No sooner do the new offspring appear than there is a line of people ready to take the kittens for permanent residence.

The owners of the kennel monitor the health of the animals in time. They do all the necessary vaccinations. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the health of the future pet at the initial stage.

All kittens are of elite breed and with good pedigree. They are cute and quiet in character. They are not in vain compared to toy teddy bears.

The animals remind us of teddy bears both by their coloring and the expression of slightly slanted eyes. British Shorthair cats have been winners of international shows for many years. From the first minute they make the heartbeat of both a child and an adult.

And it must be said that these adorable creatures actively use it. Once you take a kitten home, the whole world will revolve around it.

You won’t notice how you’ll be rushing to get home as early as possible so that your pet is fed and not bored.

You’ll be ready to play with him, choose the tastiest food, and everything will be worth it. After all, in return you will receive boundless love and adoration!

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