In Transcarpathia, the whole village rescued a female stork, whose partner died during a thunderstorm

In Transcarpathia, during a severe thunderstorm, a stork flew into an electric pole and unfortunately died. And his beloved was left alone with an unfinished nest at an altitude of 2 hundred meters. She didn’t want to leave her house…

But fortunately, once they flew to a very good place where kind and sympathetic people live, who began to take care and help the lonely bird with the whole village.

That’s how, standing on the roof of a car from a homemade feeder, residents of the village of Maly Berezny fed a lonely stork. The bird lost its partner after a thunderstorm in April, and the female was rescued by the whole village. They fed her every day, and after that she began to fly out of the nest herself and get her own food.

The love story began in early spring. Then a pair of birds flew to one of the streets and immediately began to build a nest on a pole near residential buildings.

The birds worked for about ten days, as during a thunderstorm one of them flew into an electric pole and died.

The locals took care of the lonely female for more than a week, since after the tragedy she did not leave the nest at all. The whole village was worried about her. People began to think how to help, what to buy, how to feed.

The bird gradually began to recover and even began to fly out of the nest.

After a while, to the delight of the residents, she returned with a new friend. A large stork with luxurious feathers is now in the nest with his beloved. They do everything together: they complete the nest, they fly together to hunt. Now every day residents listen to their purring.

Now the birds are hatching eggs. But not only parents are waiting for offspring, but also villagers. After all, such unique neighbors appeared in their village for the first time.

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