Incredible: A pack of wolves helped a woman in childbirth

Caught in a snow trap, American Mary Kranik gave birth to a healthy baby weighing 3.4 kilograms. She was assisted in childbirth by a pack of wolves.

Mary was eight months pregnant when, returning home, she was caught off guard by a snowstorm. The car left the road and got into a snow drift. Desperate to wait for help, the girl decided to walk to the city. She barely overcame about 800 meters. But then she began labor pains.Noticing a place nearby where there was less snow, Mary barely got there and lost consciousness due to pain and fear.

When she came to from fainting, she almost fainted again — from fear. Her head was lying on the back of a huge wolf, and several of his relatives surrounded her with a dense wall and protected her from snow. In less than half an hour, the birth was already over. One of the female wolves bit the umbilical cord, and helped clean it of blood, licking it along with the others.

Стая волков помогала женщине в родах

According to Mary’s memories, the wolves seemed to take her into their pack and protected her, licking snow and tears from her face. Mary Kranik’s friends found an abandoned car and put her on the wanted list. When they saw a pack of wolves, they decided that the worst had happened and opened fire on them.

However, the wolves did not attack them. They watched attentively from afar as Mary and her son were loaded into the car. If it hadn’t been for the witnesses who found Mary surrounded by wolves, no one would have believed this story. The rescued girl herself wants to return to this forest one day and find «her pack», as she believes, they will remember her and accept her again as their own.

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