Incredible wild grizzly bear becomes world famous after giving birth to four cubs at the age of 24

The 24-year-old predator, named Grizzly 399, has lived throughout her life in the Grand Teton National Park (northwestern Wyoming, USA).

Grizzly bear super-mom gives birth to her 17th cub - Big World TaleThe bear is an experienced mama and has raised several offspring in her life. In fact, at least 22 bears can be traced back to her as the mother or grandmother. Grizzly 399 went into hibernation for the winter and had many folks worried, as she is getting on in age. Plus, the park got over 11 feet of snow this winter and hit temperatures as low as 20 degrees below zero, so many were concerned.

Grizzly bear super-mom gives birth to her 17th cub - Big World Tale

However, when photographer Thomas Mangelsen shared a stunning photograph he took of the mama bear a few weeks ago, not only had 399 emerged from hibernation, but she also had four bear cubs with her. Though she is an experienced mother, this is the first quad birth for 399. The pictures are extraordinary, and the cubs are just as cute as can be!

The cubs and 399 all appear healthy and are growing, showing a noticeable increase in size in pictures taken a few weeks apart.

Grizzly bear super-mom gives birth to her 17th cub - Big World Tale

“We weren’t sure that she would have cubs again at such an age. Because grizzlies live a maximum of 25-30 years. Nevertheless, the old bear, accompanying her children through the reserve, does not let anyone close to her offspring and demonstrates to everyone that she is no joke,” local photographers Kate and Adam Rice commented on the bear family.

Photographer Captures Stunning Images of Oldest-Known Grizzly Bear in the Wild

According to the staff of the park, the bear mother demonstrates wisdom and lives with her cubs in places where tourists often walk in order to avoid encounters with fellow tribesmen who can exterminate the cubs.

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