«It’s a wolf,» everyone said, «It serves him right.» But the man got the wolf knocked down by someone’s car out of the ditch

Everyone was indifferent to the fate of the dying wolf and only one person decided to help him…

Immediately after the wolf was hit by a car, he barely crawled to the nearest ditch. Due to the impact, his hind leg was immobilized, and he had no choice but to wait for starvation. But this was not the end, a man was walking towards him.


Most likely, the wolf was very scared, because he could not even imagine that they would want to save him.

Unlike other members of their species, Arab wolves live in small packs in Israel and Yemen. Nature has not endowed them with a large body, and they rather resemble small dogs. In turn, they are very hated by local farmers, because because of the lack of provisions, they very often penetrate into agricultural land and feed on cattle!

Раненый зверь (Владимир Крадиженко) / Стихи.ру

It is not surprising that when the wolf ran out onto a country road, the driver closed his eyes to the animal he had shot down.

From the injury inflicted, the wolf was in incredible pain and with great difficulty reached the side of the road. Being in this state, he could only wait for death.

However, he was lucky. He was noticed by another driver, who could not remain indifferent and took him to the vet.

In the same place, the doctors named him Oliel.

The X-ray image clearly showed that the animal had a broken hind leg.

Immediately after that, Oliel went to the operating table, where, after anesthesia, he was put in a cast. With this, his path to recovery was just beginning. While he was in rehabilitation, he was left in an animal shelter. And only four months later, when his paw was completely healed, it was time to release him into the wild.

The cage with the wolf was loaded into the car, Oliel was very scared, he did not know yet that he would soon be free again. Arriving at the place, the shelter staff opened the cage and began to wait for the wolf to come out. At first, a stupor came over him. For so much time, the hope of returning to his native land has completely left him.

He ran non-stop, enjoying freedom and a healthy paw again! Oliel, spend the rest of your life happily!

The clinic staff deserves respect! Every animal has the right to life.

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