Jessie had two babies: her own puppy and a kitten. Every day she had to find food for three

Jessie was raising two cubs: her puppy and a foster kitten. Every day the mother dog had to find food for the three of them, which was very difficult.

The puppy and the kitten had a good appetite, they ate everything that Jessie could get, and she had to stay half-starved.

The babies were very friendly with each other. The puppy hugged the kitten, worried that it would freeze. When Jessie went to look for food, the babies would run beside each other.

People liked the kitten and the puppy, so they were often given treats. The puppy would beg for food by sitting in front of the man and raising one paw. And they gave it to him. Jessie didn’t understand how he came up with it.

People couldn’t say no to such a cute little doggie, but it was summer. What would they do in the winter? Jessie couldn’t imagine. She loved her babies very much, but she wished one of the people would take them home with them.

However, no one had yet had that desire. Jessie kept going to places full of people. She left the kitten and the puppy in a prominent place, and she stepped aside so as not to disturb them.

And then one day a man called the puppy to him and he ran after him. And so they went off together. And Jessie and the kitten watched after them. Jessie whimpered softly, but knew she had done the right thing.

The kitten was rubbing against her paws, and no one would probably take it. So they would have to survive the winter together.

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