Kangaroo thanked men for rescue from icy water

David Boyd is an Australian resident. The man recently enjoyed a walk along the picturesque Lake Burley Griffin. Strange sounds disturbed his thoughts. David realized that somewhere to the side someone was moving in the lake water and most likely could not get out. Boyd was about to come to the rescue, but saw that two cyclists had already decided to do it.

The guys got off their bikes and rushed into the lake, in which there was a young kangaroo not far from the shore and clearly in a state of stupor. Rescuers took off their shoes, stepped over a low fence and headed across the water to meet the beast. First they tried to attract the kangaroo’s attention. The animal noticed the people, began to get nervous. It turned its head in their direction, but did not move.

Then the cyclists, having plucked up the courage, came close to the kangaroo, took it by the paws and moved it to the shore. Once on the ground, the beast began to show concern, but the third man hastened to calm him down. And then something interesting happened. The animal grabbed the hands of one of the rescuers, as if saying a silent «thank you».

David Boyd filmed the entire rescue process and posted a video. He said it took the kangaroo about half an hour to get out of the state of shock. Probably, the beast ended up in the cold lake water by accident. And then he simply could not move because of the low temperature and severe hypothermia.

People who watched the video admired the bravery and kindness of the two saviors. In fact, it is very dangerous to approach a kangaroo, especially if the individual is preparing for mating, feels threatened, sees an opponent or protects the offspring. With its powerful paws, the Australian beast can cause serious injury.

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