Labrador saved a boy who was lost in the mountains: the dog was warming him up and finding water

A teenager vacationing at a summer camp in the Sierra Madre Mountains went in search of firewood. The boy got a little lost and soon sprained his ankle and fell into a ravine.

Luckily, a dog named Max was behind him and noticed the boy’s fall. Juan had injured his leg in the fall, limiting his ability to move freely in the mountainous terrain.

For two days the dog did not leave the boy’s side, letting him cuddle him and thus warm himself up. Max also showed Juan the puddles of mountain water from which the dog and the schoolboy drank.

When rescuers were able to find the boy two days later, they said that if it hadn’t been for the Labrador, the boy would have been in a lot of trouble.

According to Juan, he felt safe in Max’s company. The rescued Mexican wanted to take the dog-hero home, but it turned out that Max already had owners.

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