Leo Dad and his lion cub met for the first time at the zoo

In July of this year, a small lion cub was born to a pair of lions, Nelly and Tobias, at the Denver Zoo, USA. Recently, two generations met for the first time. The lion dad was launched into the aviary to the baby. His sweetest reaction to the lion cub touched not only the employees, but also thousands of netizens.

25 июля в Денверском зоопарке произошло счастливое событие - на свет появился маленький львенок, которому пока не дали кличку

The first time the kid spent with 7-year-old mom Neliah and 4-year-old stepsister Kamаra. And recently he was introduced to his dad — 2-year-old Tobias. Seeing his baby, the heart of an adult lion melted. He stretched out in front of the lion cub on his paws, looking lovingly at his child.

Первая встреча двух поколений: увидев львенка, папа растянулся перед ним, с любовью разглядывая свое чадо

«The baby is very playful, curious and energetic — like all lion cubs, — say the staff of the Denver Zoo. — Everyone is very excited and wants to see him live as soon as possible when the lion cub is presented to the public for the first time»

Папа-лев и его львенок впервые встретились в зоопарке: трогательное видео

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