Little moose lost his mother and turned to a soldier for help

Usually wild animals become quite uncomfortable in the presence of people. But when this Estonian soldier went for a walk in the forest where his unit was deployed, he was pleasantly surprised. Little moose came up to him and began to kiss his hands. The man immediately realized that the cute animal could get lost, and did everything possible to save it.

Лосёнок потерял маму и обратился за помощью к солдату

While walking through the nearby forest, Erich came across a helpless baby moose. What he first thought was a cat crying turned out to be a confused tiny calf.
As it turned out, the baby was all alone and his mother was not in sight nearby.The soldier tried to comfort the calf, which lay down next to a tree, hoping that his worried mother would return soon. But he didn’t expect the baby moose to be so friendly at all.

Лосёнок потерял маму и обратился за помощью к солдату

Despite the fact that he was very sweet and gentle and constantly kissed Enrico, it was obvious that he was very hungry. So the soldier called for help. And soon
after, someone came with a bottle of milk to feed the calf.

After spending several hours in the company of the cub, Enrich was forced to leave. But it would be short-sighted to take a lost animal with him, since mom could come for him. Therefore, he left the baby in the same place where he found it, hoping that his mother would eventually return. Fortunately, it happened sooner than he expected

Лосёнок потерял маму и обратился за помощью к солдату

«The next morning we noticed very fresh tracks of large moose, which indicated that the little calf was saved by his mother,» said Enrich.

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