Looking inside the box, the woman saw a frightened dog and skinny puppies

There was a box by the side of the road. At first nobody cared about it. And then one kind, caring soul came along. A woman looked into the box. And it was very necessary. For in it lay not obsolete things, prepared for throwing away, but a dog with cubs. All were in need of immediate medical attention.

Sandy, the four-legged «mother,» was painful to look at. She was thin and trembling with fear and looked at people with frightened eyes. It was clear at once that the dog had been starving for a long time and needed good care. Her puppies were sick and also covered with scabies and fleas.

The whole family was put in a car and taken to an organization called Steri Drive 8 for treatment. One puppy couldn’t endure the long drive. He was very weak and died. But Sandy and the other three puppies survived the trip and finally found themselves in the capable hands of volunteers and the veterinarian.

When the mother dog was brought to the shelter, she was trembling all over. Only a few days later she was still wary of approaching people. She looked at them with sad eyes. She was persistently treated and well fed. As well as the puppies, which lost their coats because of the skin disease.

And after a while the volunteers saw for the first time that Sandy started wagging her tail! This meant that she had calmed down, had settled in, and was enjoying meeting people. She began to trust them.

As for the puppies, who were named Spotty, Peanut and Butterscotch, they were quickly cured and fattened up. There were no more skinny, shabby babies. The puppies became well-fed, beautiful pets with their coats growing back and shiny. Each one had grown significantly, got stronger and felt brave and confident.

Now the puppies are waiting for such owners who will love them wholeheartedly. They are completely ready to become part of some good family.

Regarding the fate of their mother Sandy, the volunteers have no doubts either. So far, the dog is somewhat shy and cautious. But when communicating with the new owner, these her «complexes» and fears will go away without a trace.

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