Magic: A foal that lost its mother was adopted by a heartbroken horse

About a week ago, a touching video posted by the user @equality appeared on TikTok, which tells the sad story of a horse named Sitti. She recently lost her first child — he was born prematurely dead.

The animal was very upset by the loss, and her owners Iris and Zane decided to try to alleviate her condition.They brought her a little stallion who lost his mother immediately after giving birth. The horse died of intestinal colic, and her calf was left without breast milk and without care.

Without him , the foal began to weaken . But the meeting with the foster mother changed everything. The video, which has now been viewed by more than 8 million people, captures the moment of the meeting of the horse with the orphan.

Both animals have suffered a loss and are in desperate need of love. Their meeting changed everything.

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