Magical moment: A weasel cub on a woodpecker’s back

Inhuman showdown: the photographer filmed a weasel and a woodpecker fighting! but… in flight !

This is not a «photoshop» and not a drawing, but a real photo of a real weasel that flies astride an equally real woodpecker. The picture was taken by British amateur photographer Martin Le May in one of the parks in east London.

We would be happy to tell a touching story about the friendship of a weasel and a woodpecker. About how they fly together on business. But let’s be honest — in front of you is an attempt to have dinner.

Сфотографировали ласку, летящую верхом на дятле - BBC News Русская служба

Weasels, cute furry animals, are well-known nest destroyers. On occasion, they are quite capable of eating not only eggs and helpless chicks, but also fully grown birds.

The main troublemaker was photographed in the English park. It turned out to be a weasel flying on a woodpecker.

British photographer Martin Le May photographed the flight of a weasel riding a woodpecker in Essex County, writes BusinessInsider, referring to the tweet of ornithologist Jason Ward, who published the photo.

Волшебный момент: детеныш ласки на спине дятла

Ward clarified that the picture shows a green woodpecker. And the weasel, apparently, pounced and clung to the bird earlier, when trying to rob his nest.
Le May himself witnessed a strange phenomenon by chance, while walking in Hornchurch Park with his wife.

Волшебный момент: детеныш ласки на спине дятла

«The bird flew past us, then turned around and flew in our direction.Only then it became clear that she had an uninvited guest on her back and she was fighting with him for life,» the photographer comments on the event.

Le-May also provided Business Insider with a chronological continuation of the conflict, when a mammal and a bird grappled while already in the grass. Fortunately, a curious photographer and his wife distracted the weasel with a flash of cameras, giving the woodpecker the opportunity to retreat unnoticed.

Что-бы это значило? (Алла Зиливинская) / Проза.ру

In a London park, where a weasel flew on a woodpecker in early March, a commemorative plaque was installed for the animals. The inscription on it reads: «Hornchurch City Park. The house of a weasel riding a woodpecker. »

The memorial plaque was installed by a local resident, 30-year-old Stephen Ross. It is noted that the man was helped by his friends from a London advertising agency.

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