Married to Africa: what was the fate of a woman who married an African tribal warrior?

A long time ago, a Swiss woman named Corinna was vacationing in Kenya with her fiancé. But while there, her heart was seduced by a Masai fighter and her life was turned upside down.

By her 27th year, she had a store, was living comfortably, had a private relationship and was planning to marry. However, she was unhappy with her situation, working harder than her partner, which led to a deep depression. Meeting a man who was a complete stranger to the people she knew made her very anxious:

“This Maasai took over my thoughts”.

The Maasai are the only people who are not civilized, and the Kenyan government has many problems with them.

But that didn’t matter to her; she didn’t care if she was laughed at in town or at the “white” hotel, or if the agents at the visa renewal office turned around when she walked past them. She had nothing but a loincloth and a few goats, and lived in a hut.

And things didn’t get any better from there: malaria, pregnancy, working in her own grocery store and disappointment. The difference in mentality became obvious and Corinna made an important decision: to flee with her daughter to Switzerland. She wrote a few words to her family and left.

She returned 14 years later, when her daughter came of age, but before that, she feared returning to the country, as Lketingi might have prevented Napirai’s return. Her African ex-husband didn’t take her escape well – he was expelled as a warrior and developed a habit of drinking too much alcohol.

Today, she lives in Switzerland and enjoys painting. Lketingi has long since rebuilt his life, and has another family. He looks rather unhappy in the photo.

Corinna Hofmann has written an autobiographical book entitled “Blanche Masai”, in which she describes her life in Africa and its aftermath.

Today, Corinna is no longer single. She posts photos of her adventures with a man of the same generation on her official social media page.

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