Meet a Munchkin named Albert! Cats of this new breed do not grow up!

Everyone who has had cats at home knows: these animals are especially cute when they are very small. They look so innocent and behave so playfully…

And if you miss your feline childhood, a miracle has happened for you! A new breed of cat has recently emerged that never grows up. And that breed is called the Munchkin.

You’ve probably already heard that strange word munchkin and probably even know what it means, but for those who have no idea what kind of animal it is, we explain that actually the munchkin is a breed of cat. The peculiarity of these cuties is that with the average length of their body their feet are 2-3 times shorter than those of regular cats, and because of this they are sometimes called dachshunds.

Meet Albert. He’s a charmer. There are hundreds of thousands of people watching his life! However, Albert is known on Instagram not only for his short paws, but also for the unique coloring of his nose, which resembles a skull.

And this despite the fact that Albert is a homebody and does not really like to go outside his comfort zone.

Sometimes he thinks he wants to go outside and ride his scooter.

But usually at such moments he doesn’t remember where his helmet has gone, and safety comes first…


His peculiarity immediately catches your eye — he has very short legs, because he is a munchkin

Albert is a noble homebody who chooses to stay in a cozy bed rather than go out. Even so, he’s a fashionable guy who loves to wear suits and hats.

Isn’t that adorable?

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