Meet Baby, the most adorable puppy in the world!

The little girl lives with her mistress, May Tane Nwe, and with Cooper. Cooper was May’s first Welsh Corgi Pembroke, and she liked the breed so much that the idea to get another dog appeared by itself. When Baby got a little older and began to show his magic, the owner decided to get her an Instagram for her.

More than anything, Baby loves to play, and she takes offense if Cooper denies her this pleasure. But, she has an easy-going, sympathetic nature. A child, what can you do, a child’s spontaneity manifests itself in everything! Perhaps that’s why Corgi Baby is gaining popularity on the Internet so quickly — everyone loves her smile!

As the owner points out, she does little training for Baby, just general commands, no special training. And no one forces her to pose for the camera, does not arrange photo shoots on the wear and tear. On the contrary, Baby’s playful nature constantly makes her look for attention and get into the lens. A rising star, no less!

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