Meet Wiley, the charming Dalmatian

When a dog named Wiley first arrived at his new home, his mother, Lexi Smith, noticed something special about him. And now the Dalmatian puppy has become famous on the Internet for its unique heart-shaped markings applied to the nose.

Wiley came from a litter of 11 children, 8 of whom were boys. Although his heart-shaped nose made him stand out, Lexi didn’t choose him for that reason. She chose him because they had a lot in common.
» «I chose him because the breeder told me he was just sleeping, cuddling and eating, so we already had a lot in common,» she jokes.

Wiley and his owner live in Colorado, where the puppy can release some of his energy. He can play and explore the most beautiful places of the region. He likes to walk or go to one of the huge dog parks.
Like most Dalmatians, Wiley has a stubborn side. Although he can be stubborn and mischievous at times, this does not stop Lexi. She even feels incredibly happy having him because he is such a sweet and good boy.

The puppy always wants attention, and he gets it not only from Lexi but also from her family.

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