Mom punishes labrador puppies when they start fighting

Labradors are known to be playful by nature and are always very energetic. They need to burn this extra energy with some kind of activity. They often get bored from the usual «game fight» and then they just use their mouths to push each other, but do not bite with their teeth. If teeth are used, it can cause pain or even lead to a dog fight.And it’s very dangerous.

Mama Dog Quickly Stops Pups From Fighting

If the dog’s mom notices that this can turn into a real problem, then she will intervene and stop such a game. Her actions are well understood by her offspring. They may protest at first. But she doesn’t back down and lets them know that they need to stop.

Labrador Pups Get Disciplined By Their Mother After They Start A Fight

Growling is similar to the reproachful look of a child’s mother when naughty children receive a signal that they need to stop messing around. Yes, it would be better for them to stop fighting immediately. Following the growl, bared teeth appear. Mom shows that she’s not joking and it’s better to stop. Then she presses the puppy’s head with her muzzle or paw and holds it on the floor until it finally stops.

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