Mommies who are very proud of their puppies!

Human mothers develop an attachment to their own child when the child is just moving right under their hearts. They talk about it in detail. Dogs, alas, are not able to talk, so we see how they show great affection for their puppies when they are born. It’s amazing!

A big Wrinkle and her funny Wrinkles.

This is what true happiness looks like!

Fluffy boom-boom.

A vacation just for the whole family.

A mother decided to show off her sweet babies.

It’s a lot, but it’s ours!

The main thing is for the babies to eat normally!

They all look just like their mom and are just as big-faced.

It’s not the mother, but the father — the famous giant Hulk.

Just look at how proudly they walk.

Nasa and her funny baby.

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