Moms after 60. What do the children of such «adult» parents look like

Unfortunately, not everyone manages to become parents just when they want to. Situations are different: financial situation, health problems, problems in the family. But still, every woman dreams of hearing that sweet «Mom…» and feeling such strong, childish hugs.

Therefore, many become parents already at a fairly mature age. Today we will tell you about such people who became parents after 60.

Adriana Iliescu

This woman lives in Romania. She really wanted to become a mom, and despite all the excuses of doctors, she went for an IVF procedure. She was able to give birth to a completely normal and healthy girl, Eliza, who is now 15 years old.

At her age, she is very active and loves to study. She has the best relationship with mathematics. The schoolgirl even goes to all sorts of Olympiads on this subject. Adriana has already taken care of her child’s future, she has found a guardian for her, will leave her an apartment and a bank account.

Omkari Panvar

This married couple has always dreamed of having children. But for health reasons, they did not succeed.

And there was not enough money for treatment. And only after many years they have accumulated the necessary amount. Omkari gave birth when the couple was already aged. Twins were born.

Daljinder Kaur

The child in this family was born when the woman was 72, and the husband was 79 years old. In order to become parents, the couple resorted to the IVF procedure. An absolutely healthy boy was born. At the moment, the baby is already three years old.

Parents admit that at this age it is already quite difficult to sit with the baby, but they do not regret anything.

Maria del Carmen Busada de Lara.

In order to become a mom, the Spaniard went on a deception: she indicated her age 10 years less than it actually was. And since she looked very good, it quite passed for the truth. Maria was taken for IVF.

She gave birth to twins when she turned 66. The woman thought she would be a long-liver, like her mother, who lived 101 years. But unfortunately, a year after the birth of the babies, she was diagnosed with cancer, she died in 2008. The children are now being raised by her niece.

Rajo Devi Lohan

According to family traditions, the girl got married at the age of 12 to a 14-year-old guy. Almost all their family life, the couple dreamed of having children, and they managed to do it only after 58 years.

The baby was born when her mother turned 70 years old. Unfortunately, the birth was very difficult, and Rajo began to feel unwell. As the woman says, she has no regrets and is truly happy.

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