Mother’s love: the elephant dug for 11 hours in a row to save her baby

Only mom will always be there and will never leave her child. This applies not only to people, but also to animals.

This touching story happened in India.

For 11 hours, this elephant mom dug the ground nonstop. The surrounding people could not understand for what reasons this elephant was doing — for fun or for her own incomprehensible reason.

But it turned out that her baby elephant had fallen into the well and she was not going to leave him in trouble. As it turned out later, the kid fell into a trap at 9 pm. And until 8 in the morning, the elephant was digging the ground to rescue her child. It’s hard to imagine how much effort she spent on this.

11 часов слониха копала яму, а затем попросила помочь людей

The eyewitnesses wanted to help the animal, but did not know how and therefore waited for the professionals to come.

When the Animal Welfare workers appeared, they faced a big problem. The mother did not want to leave the pit and behaved aggressively towards people. She seemed to think that someone was trying to stop her.

Then several people began to distract the elephant, so that specialists at this time pulled the baby out of the pit.

Thus, people managed to save the baby elephant.

Любовь матери: слониха копала 11 часов подряд, чтобы спасти своего ребенка

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