Moving to the guy, the bride threw the dog into the dumpster

If you’re tamed, that means you’re responsible for thе dog’s life, no matter how long it lasts, decent people think.

If a dog has been tamed, then let it be grateful that it was not allowed to die, we will hold it until we get tired of it —  think those who consider themselves kind and decent.

But why get a cat or a dog if it is so annoying?

The cruelty of such owners seems especially cynical.

Here, for example, is a girl from Pennsylvania. She had a dog, but the owner didn’t worry too much about it, it lived as if the grass was growing, by itself. Skinny, shaggy, all in tangles, the hostess even fed it as necessary.

A few months have passed, the guy suggested to his girlfriend to move in together. The girl had to move to another state, she sorted through her things: what to take with her, what to give, and what to throw away. Among the things to throw away was a dog. “Well, why drag the dog with me? And so it lived well.” thought the girl. Along with other junk, the dog was at the bottom of the dumpster. Favi couldn’t get out, it was lying at the bottom of the tank with other things. Not a drop of water, not a crumb of food, painful death, and hopelessness.

What a miracle the garbage truck driver decided to look inside the tank, it is not known, but the man was shocked. His work is dirty, he came across all sorts of things. But to find a living soul in such a state-this has never happened before. Nathan carefully took out the animal, gave it water, and then shared his lunch.

The veterinarians were also shocked: a sweet, delicate dog did not deserve this. The dog was exhausted from hunger but remembered about decent manners. It did not snatch food, thanked her for her care.

Favi was lucky: the doctor decided to keep it. She treated the dog, fattened it – and the dog adores the new mistress. And the chip led to the former owner, she will appear in court. We wonder if its boyfriend will leave her or not?

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