My history of marriage is very ordinary. Was. I married twins

My husband was just wonderful. He was caring, loved our kids, did everything around the house that I asked him to do.

Grief came to our house. My husband crashed his car. And I was left alone with two children. It was very difficult at first. I missed my husband very much. I used to dream about him at night.

My mother used to whisper:

“Lesya, find a man, you can’t be alone, you’ll be lost! Think about the kids.”

But who needed me with two kids? What normal man would want to raise two strangers at once? It seemed to me that there were no such fools.

Plus I had an unpaid mortgage. I worked two jobs, took overtime shifts. The kids were actually taken care of by their grandmothers, for which I thank them very much.

And six months later, he came to me. My husband’s brother. He was like two peas in a pod.

“I had a dream about Igor. He told me to come and help you.”

Egor, that’s my husband’s brother’s name, has never been married. When Igor and I started dating, I even thought, at times, that Egor really liked me, too.

I didn’t argue. After all, he is not a stranger. And help is needed, a lot.

Egor came to us every day. Sometimes he spent the night. After a couple of months I realized that he was already living with us. And I liked it a lot.

And after another month he asked me to marry him. I thought about it and I said yes.

That’s how I got married again. To my husband’s twin brother. We had another child. From the outside we are the most usual happy family.

Sometimes I dream of Igor and he says that he is very happy and that his family is in good hands.

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