Natural beauty wins: the girls who’d be a hundred times more beautiful without make-up!

Today’s girls have a whole range of products in their make-up bag! Powders, mascaras, toners, concealers, bronzers and much more. Sometimes, however, some girls go so overboard with makeup that the Joker himself would take a rest.

We present some makeup looks to absolutely avoid :

I wonder if this is makeup made for studying?

Curious, isn’t all this heavy to bear?

Want to hide that bump on your nose? Draw freckles on it and everyone will be look at them!

Shining like a star

Your family won’t recognize you after this make-up!

Would you like to see her without make-up?

It’s true, just look at how many layers there are!

It seems that running mascara over the lashes is no longer an option

It’s like a kind of face paint

Too much makeup, don’t you think?

Plus on regarde cette photo, plus on a l’impression que tout est triste !


The only question is: why?

We’re afraid to imagine new trends!

Is it a person or a doll?

I think this is a cosmetic explosion!

Okay, but the arrows will be equal

With a bit of luck, it won’t take her three hours to wash

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