Nigerian teenager invents robot from cardboard and garbage

A 17-year-old boy in Kano State, Isah Auwal-Barde, has invented a robot that works with a robotic exoskeleton remote control.

Exoskeleton remote control is a system of controlling a robot by the person operating it through demonstration with parts of his body.

A young inventor created an unusual robot. The human-sized droid has an imposing appearance, its eyes shine, it can move its arms and even pick up and move objects. In addition, it can work as an avatar, that is to duplicate the body movements of a person who controls it. In this case, this miracle of technology is made of ordinary cardboard. According to Isah, it took him two years to create the paper man.

«I started to create it in 2020, and finished it just recently. What inspired me to invent it? Probably the fact that I had seen robots in movies many times. One day I said to myself, «And why shouldn’t I have my own robot?» That’s when the idea for this invention came into my head,» Isah explained.


The young man said that his invention had no financing: all the necessary parts and elements were found among the garbage, and the batteries and the electric drive were given to Isah by his uncle. So out of cardboard, bottles and lids, the robot was created.

«I attached bottle caps to the motors, with which I can easily install and remove these motors. That way I didn’t need nuts for this construction«. The inventor said.

Isah is confident that in the future his talents will be in demand and he will be able to create robots for large companies involved in saving lives and helping people.

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