Nine-year-old boy draws stunning portraits of animals to buy food for shelters

If there are angels caring for animals, then this Russian boy is definitely one of them. He is only 9 years old, but you will not see his love and kindness to these helpless creatures every day.

Pavel Abramov from the city of Arzamas in Russia proves that the world is in safe hands when it comes to future generations. Moreover, he teaches us a lesson about what it really means to take care of shelter animals.

Born with a unique talent, the boy decided to combine a passion for drawing with a pure love for four-legged animals. And the way he did it is beyond imagination. In his spare time, Pavel paints truly stunning portraits of animals.

But what is even more incredible is that a 9-year-old boy sells his works not to save money to buy an expensivе phone or something like that, but to help pets.

The child’s cute project called «Kind Brush» started a year ago when he lost his beloved dog. From that moment on, it was unbearable for Pavel to see how the stray dogs of the city were fighting for their existence. Therefore, with the help of his mother, he began to help homeless animals.

Pavel paints portraits of animals, and then exchanges them for food and other needs for local animal shelters.

«This is the path of a little caring person who wants to be useful and bring good to the world,» says the website where the paintings are sold. «He wants to show by his example that even a small person can be of great benefit if he really wants it.»


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