No one took her away after the fire. She lived right on the ashes of her house

It often happens that people abandon their small pets, which they could not accustom to the tray or street walks. Also, some consider it a good reason to abandon an animal if it has damaged furniture. However, the most cruel thing an owner can do is to abandon a pet with whom he has lived for many years. That’s exactly what the owners did with a cat named Ogonyok.

More than two years ago, the owners who had a cat burned down the house. Yes, this is a huge life nuisance. Fortunately, there were no casualties. No one was injured during the fire. People left for a new house, but they did not take their cat. The cat stayed to live on the coals of his own house. He wandered around the neighbors’ houses to get at least some food. Thus the cat lived for two years. Then he got sick, became emaciated, and his health condition became simply deplorable.

One of the locals called me and informed me about this kitty. When I saw her picture, my heart just tore apart. I decided that I would definitely take the kitty from there. Veterinary examination and tests showed that the cat had problems with the gastrointestinal tract, pancreas and liver. Also, the poor cat suffered from chronic otitis media.

We tried to use various drugs, but there was no result. Repeated tests showed a strong inflammatory process in the body. The cat had to be urgently sterilized and had all her remaining teeth removed.

From such a “good” life, the kitty’s mouth turned into a breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, tooth extraction is the best option of all possible.

The veterinarian advised to carry out the operation in the near future. This recommendation was given for a reason. The cat had severe inflammation of the uterus.

We sterilized this kitty in a timely manner. If you delay with this, you can lose the animal.

The operation went well. Now the kitty is under ivs. Tests showed that she has kidney problems.

When the course of ivs comes to an end, it will be necessary to pass repeated tests. It is necessary to find out whether the inflammation has passed and in what condition the internal organs are.

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