Orphan elephants line up to kiss their savior

Unfortunately, every year more and more African elephants become victims of poaching.

Dozens of elephants are being cared for at the Sheldrick Elephant Shelter in Nairobi, Kenya.

A special team of conservationists take care of the little elephants because of a very sad fact. Their family members were killed by poachers because of the ivory.

One woman has devoted her life to saving orphaned animals for more than 40 years. Her name is Daphne Sheldrick.

This great woman is the first person who developed a milk formula that actually imitates the milk of an elephant’s mother, so that it would be possible to feed poor orphaned elephants.

Hundreds of animals, especially elephants, got a second chance at life thanks to this woman.

Now they’re all lining up to hug her tight!

Over the years, she has successfully raised many newborn elephants, helping them return to the wild.

Daphne says orphaned elephants not only inspired her pioneering conservation work, but also taught her a lot about life.

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