Orphaned baby gorilla finds comfort in human carer after being rescued!

There’s nothing more touching than an orphaned animal befriending the human who saved it.

Bobga was only a few weeks old when he lost his mom. But thankfully, some kind people found him and brought him at the Limbe Wildlife Centre, in Cameroon – a wildlife conservation center. Here, the poor little baby found the comfort and love he never had. He found in his human carer- Alvin Muma, the support and caring he lost once his mom had gone.

It is important for an orphan gorilla, like Bobga, to feel safe and secure with his caretaker and here these pictures capture tender moments of rest between Bobga and one of his dedicated caretakers, Alvin. Foraging, playing, learning social skills, stimulating curiosity, climbing and grooming all are crucial elements of his rehabilitation.

The adorable snaps speak for itself as it easy to understand how close the baby gorilla and his ‘adoptive’ parent are, by the way they’re hugging and cuddling each other. Even though, it’s in every volunteer at the center nature to display so much kindness and empathy to the animals they’re taking care of.

“We provide a second chance to victims of the illegal wildlife trades, educate the local community on environmental protection and provide alternative employment to ex-hunting communities,” Laura revealed.

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