Orphaned raccoon grew up with dogs. And he began to consider himself one of them

Thanks to caring people, this cute animal not only found a loving home, but also met new friends.

Осиротевший енот вырос с собаками. И начал считать себя одним из них

One day, Rosie Kemp discovered an unusual guest in her backyard — a month-old female raccoon. The baby was very weak. It turns out that she fell from a tree and broke her hind leg. Kemp was waiting for her mother to return. But she never came back. And the woman decided to shelter the animal.

Маленький енот пьёт из бутылочки

Kemp lives in Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, where there is no raccoon rescue service and it is legal to own them. Determined to save the tiny cub, Kemp and her daughter Laura Young took care of the raccoon like a real baby. They fed the baby, who was named Pampkin, around the clock every few hours and constantly kept her warm, as her mother would have done.

«Her upbringing took almost the whole day. As it turned out, raccoons are incredibly intelligent and even able to express emotions,» says Yang.

Then Pamkin began to live with Laura, her husband William and their two dogs from the shelter.

Orphaned Raccoon Lives With Dogs, Thinks She's One Of Them - The Dodo

She loved spending time with the dogs, relaxing in the fresh air and lying curled up on the couch. And, like a real raccoon, she had to take part in everything, especially when it comes to food.

«She immediately became attached to us and our two dogs and followed us around all the time. Then Pamkin began to think that she was also a dog. She loved playing with her four-legged friends,» says Young.

Raccoons are most comfortable in the wild. But since this is not possible in Pamkin’s case, her family made sure that she had everything she needed.

Енот стоит на кухонном столе

«Raccoons are not pets. These are wild animals, so they are quite capricious and can behave like spoiled children. Unlike dogs and cats, they are not domesticated,» explains Yang.

But Pumpkin seemed to be satisfied with everything. Young says Pamkin liked to sit under the air conditioner and eat various treats, including fried eggs and watermelon.

Instagram photo by Pumpkin The Raccoon • Jul 16, 2016 at 9:27am UTC | Pet raccoon, Cute raccoon, Animals friends

Thanks to Laura and her family, she found a home and was able to start a new life. And most importantly, she was surrounded by people who did everything possible to make her happy and live the most wonderful, albeit a little unusual life.

«We were very lucky with her, and we did everything to make Pamkin feel good,» says Laura.

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