Othello syndrome: she’s been dubbed «the world’s most jealous woman» but her husband has been with her for more than 10 years

Today she is 52 years old, he is 40 years old. She weighs 133 pounds, he is just over 70. They got married in 2014. But even earlier, when the lovers were just dating, the lady was diagnosed with a rare mental illness — Othello syndrome. This is a compulsive condition in which a person experiences pathological jealousy.

How does such an unusual couple live today? And how does the husband perceive his incredibly jealous wife?

It all started in 2011. A 40-year-old Englishwoman named Debbie returned to the UK after living in the US for 10 years. It is known that she had two children, with whom, for unknown reasons, the mother does not live.

An acquaintance advised the woman, whose personal life was not working out, to write to his friend who lived in another city. Steve Wood, 28, was dating a girl his own age at the time, but responded to Debbie’s letter on social media. A short correspondence and now they have already agreed to meet on neutral territory in London.

Soon after the first date Debbie and Steve began to live together. And almost immediately a breakthrough occurred in the woman’s head.

Once her beau confessed that at the beginning of their relationship he met with another girl, but he still chose his favorite Debbie. Maybe someone took such a revelation as proof of true love, but our heroine made the exact opposite conclusion. She decided that her husband cheated, cheats and will always cheat on her.

The fact is that Debbie has been observed by a psychiatrist for a long time. Doctors diagnosed manic-depressive psychosis and dysmorphophobia — pathological dissatisfaction with her appearance.

Her weight problems had taken a toll on her self-esteem. Fear of being ridiculed, led to the fact that Debbie left her apartment only when necessary, and all communication was conducted in social networks and on the phone.

The fear that a young man would fall out of love with her because of her appearance and leave her for another, led to the fact that Debbie developed Othello syndrome (pathological jealousy).

After several dates, Debbie and Steve started living together in the young man’s apartment. And immediately the determined lady demanded that her lover give her the passwords to all social networks and gadgets, and then to his bank card, in order to control his expenses. And the young man meekly obeyed.

One day they watched TV together, and Debbie thought that Steve was somehow looking at the model in the commercial for a woman’s razor.

The next day the woman installed child filters on her husband’s TV and laptop, after which it became possible to watch only cartoons, educational and religious programs, and read news on the Internet.

On any print media, and especially glossy magazines, was imposed the strictest ban. To keep her lover entertained, Debbie bought him a video game console.

And to top it all off, Debbie forbade Steve to go to work (there are charming female co-workers there) and interact with any women: neighbors, store clerks and cashiers, social workers, etc.

All this will seem crazy, but Steve obviously liked this kind of attitude. Nor was he embarrassed by the fact that his unusually jealous other half was 12 years older than him and almost twice as heavy.

After three years of living together, on Halloween Eve 2014, he signed with «the most jealous woman in the world.» That’s what journalists who got to know about the unusual couple began to call her.

Before the wedding, the bride made the groom three times to pass lie detector tests to make sure that Steve did not cheat on her. And from this method Debbie did not give up in the future. She still uses polygraphs to this day. She even bought a portable lie detector for her home.

Despite the increased media attention and ridicule in social networks, or maybe, on the contrary, thanks to these moments, the spouses are still together. In their family life almost nothing has changed.

Steve is still limited from communication with other women and from the contemplation of beauties. He does not work anywhere and lives on the income of his wife. He now owns three of the latest generation of video game consoles.

Debbie gets disability benefit (£1,500 a month) and Steve gets a £700 allowance for looking after a disabled person. I.e. Debbie.

But quite good income brings shooting in talk shows and interviews with the yellow press.

Debbie Wood was able to monetize her scandalous fame in another unusual way. For several years, she worked as an oversized photo model. And while her husband is forbidden to look at other women, his wife flaunted herself.

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