Owner took her dying dog to the mountains so it could see snow one last time

Ashley Mack adored her Malamute. The dog was nine years old when she was diagnosed with the dreaded diagnosis of arthritis. The veterinarians couldn’t help her. The woman really wanted to do something special for her pet one last time before she was put to sleep.

The animal had been sick for more than a year, so putting her to sleep was inevitable. Ashley wanted her dog to be cheerful again, even for a little while, so she took her to the top of a mountain in Scotland.

There they spent several hours. Malamute was happily lying in the snow and enjoying the cold. And Ashley cuddled the dog and enjoyed the last moments.

A woman posted very touching photos on her social networking page. Under the pictures she wrote:

«We sat there for two hours, enjoying the beauty of nature. Maggie was rolling in the snow, and it was a beautiful sight.»

«I promised her for months that it would snow soon. And now it has. She saw it for the last time.»

Ashley also wrote that losing a dog is just as hard as losing a loved one. Many users were in agreement with her.

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