Pakarana is the biggest and most adorable mouse on Earth. It’s bigger than cats and dogs

Pakarana is classified as a rare rodent, the size of which occupies the 3rd place on Earth in size. The terrain of their habitat is the tropics and mountains. These rodents are found in countries such as Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia and Peru. They are not aggressive, so they are bred to turn into pets.

An adult individual grows up to 15 kg. It looks very much like a rat. But, they are not carriers of dangerous diseases, do not gnaw through the passages, do not spoil the products.

Pakarana is not a predatory animal and does not pose any danger to humans. Her diet includes vegetables, herbs and fruits. Also, she will not refuse human food. Pakarana does not hurry anywhere during lunch, absorbs food slowly, as if enjoying the taste of each piece. This quality noticeably attracts tourists, and everyone wants to touch it. It was the tourists who gave Pakaran a second name – «scary mouse», but in vain.

Also, this animal is distinguished by its cleanliness and does not miss the opportunity to wash. They need a burrow only when they are carrying cubs and are engaged in their upbringing. Also, her physical abilities allow her to climb a tree, but she does not need it.

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