People are obsessed with this adorable curious dog

The internet often shares special and inspiring stories about dogs that can surely melt your heart. It’s the same with Lucky, a two-year-old dog who lives in Thailand with his owner Charis F Kacha. Lucky instantly became a hit because of his curious and unique appearance.

Lucky was adopted for only a few weeks, but he has already turned into a little star. He was born with heterochromia, a condition in which each eye acquires a different color (pale blue and brown). But that’s not all Lucky has. He even has a big cartoon eyebrow that sets him apart from the crowd.

Lucky became famous when his owner started posting his cute photos. Although many people are obsessed with this adorable looking dog, there was a small group of people who found it hard to believe it.

«Some people think I used a permanent pen to draw his eyebrows or photoshopped his face,» she said.

Fortunately, despite his outwardly excellent appearance, Lucky is healthy and very happy when he found someone who loves him.
«He’s a very obsessive guy,» Charis said. «He always goes everywhere with me. »

For Charis, the most special thing about Lucky is not his two multicolored eyes or dark eyebrow, but the friendship he shares with her. She hopes for a happy life with this charmingly attractive puppy by her side.

«I think we will have a fun and very happy future,» Charis said.

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